We believe that Achieving Alchemy is accessing your ultimate brilliance.

Achieving Alchemy is connecting to the straight-up magical mix of everything that makes you who you are. It's what occurs when you shine brightly, show up fully, and say “yes” to you and what's possible.

Alchemy is powerful leadership, it's expressing your authentic voice, your genius, your essence, your way of leading and being in the world. 

Achieving Alchemy involves magic, chemistry, transformation, conversation, and just enough fire to heat things up.

We know that Achieving Alchemy isn’t easy.

Our Alchemy gets buried - beneath the beliefs we hold, beneath the fears and limitations that obstruct our path forward. 

Our Alchemy gets lost amidst the artificial ingredients we add to the mix, attempting to meet expectations of ourselves, society, and others.

Our Alchemy lies dormant inside us, when the possibility of truly shining in the world feels downright terrifying.

Our mission:

To hold a fire under your desires as you courageously unearth and embrace the full radiance of your authenticity, empowering you to create massive ripples of impact. 

This is where the magic of achieving alchemy becomes possible.

Think of Achieving Alchemy as the coolest professional development event you’ll ever attend.

No naps in your chair or stale powerpoint here. This is a highly experiential, interactive event - a healthy mix of deep exploration and powerful action, infused with sisterhood, community, and connection.

Achieving Alchemy will empower you to:


 UNEARTH the essence of your unique alchemy

Element Icons_Uncover_RGB 72dpi.jpg

UNCOVER what gets in the way of your greatest impact

Element Icons_Create_RGB 72dpi.jpg

CREATE a brilliant future vision of where you long to go

Element Icons_Polish_RGB 72dpi.jpg

POLISH your actions, agreements, and commitments to get after it 

Who It's For

Achieving Alchemy is for high-performing, heart-centered female leaders who want to rise to the most inspired and powerful versions of themselves.

Achieving Alchemy is for women who crave an authentic community of other women... a community that values truth and vulnerability along with general badassery.

Achieving Alchemy is for women who crave deep exploration and fearless action.

Achieving Alchemy is for women ready to shine, and ready to rise.

What You’ll Leave With

In addition to a tribe of kick-ass boss ladies, you’ll leave this experience with:

·       Clarity on your values, why they matter, and what they look like in action 

·       Awareness of your strengths, superpowers, and unique genius 

·       Your unique essence and how you express it in the world 

·       A deeper understanding of your fears and saboteurs, and concrete ways to work with them 

·       A compelling future vision of where you want to go and what you deeply desire 

·       Ways to keep your alchemy, as well as the learning from the event, alive in everyday life 

·       A snapshot of your unique alchemy

·      An interactive Achieving Alchemy workbook 

·      Tools and resources to share your learning with your colleagues and teammates following the experience


Bring your notebook, your pen, your open heart, and your readiness for a powerful day of reflection, exploration, and action.



9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Connect with other incredible ladies over coffee, tea, and light refreshments 

  • Set intentions for the day to get the most from the experience

  • Unearth who you are at your core - your strengths, your talents, your passions, your essence

  • Uncover the things that get in the way and how to navigate them

Mid-Day Movement Break: Gentle movement to loosen up the body and get the creative juices flowing, through an optional yoga class or a solo walk in the nearby trails.

Lunch: Eat a delicious lunch together, connecting with other amazing women and taking some space to process the day. All of our food for the day will be gluten-free and vegan, lovingly prepared by Chef Lauren and the team at Surya Cafe. You’ll leave feeling replenished and nourished - not only by the content, but also by the food and refreshments.

Afternoon: Creating & Polishing 

  • Create a compelling future vision of what you most desire for your work and life

  • Explore plans and actions that will allow you to move past blocks and barriers, getting you into action

  • Create your individualized Alchemy Snapshot

  • Bring together your learning and discovery from the day in an actionable and specific way

  • Commit to a plan of action following the event

Conclude and Connect: land your learnings from the day and linger, if desired at Surya Cafe, to connect with the other amazing ladies you’ve met.


madison, wi : perennial yoga and meditation

We will gather together in a gorgeous space at Perennial Yoga and Meditation in Fitchburg, just a few minutes outside of Madison, WI. This space is consciously and intentionally designed for wellbeing and community, and will be our home base for the day. During breaks, you might page through books on wellness, meditation, or yoga - or take a quick walk on the trails nearby.

NEARBY LODGING in downtown madison 


  • HotelRed - a boutique hotel on Monroe Street, that sits right between downtown Madison and the near-west side. Easy access to downtown, and also to the south, the beltline, and 18/151.

  • Hyatt Place Madison/Verona - this is a new hotel on the south side of town, close to the event venue.


  • Achieving Alchemy Experience: Includes the day-long event, delicious lunch, snacks, and closing Happy Hour. Investment: Early Bird rate of $475 through the end of August, $495 from September 1st until the event.

We offer special pricing for teams and non-profits on all our investment options.

If this event speaks to your heart, we’d love to have you join us.

Further questions? Don't hesitate to reach out below.

What Women are Saying About the Event 

"Thank you so much. This was so inspiring and seriously life changing!"

“The most impactful thing was that I left the day totally on fire, and that fire has not stopped burning. I truly tapped into my authenticity and who I am at my core, leaving me feeling so much more alive, free and creative after the experience.“

“Not only was the day extremely insightful, I appreciate that I expanded my network of powerful ladies, and I have concrete action items coming out of the day to help me execute my plan for Achieving Alchemy.”

"This is more than a leadership or professional growth course. This is a road to self discovery and learning how to be the best version of yourself - which will benefit you, your colleagues, and everyone you interact with."


Achieving Alchemy: Day-Long Experience
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Sarah Young

Sarah is the founder of Zing Collaborative and lives in Madison, where she works with leaders to maximize their positive impact in the world in a way that feels inspired and alive. Her background is in healthcare IT, project management, HR, leadership, and organizational development; where she became passionate about what happens when we combine our strengths, passions, and talents in service of something greater. When Sarah isn't working with clients, you'll likely find her somewhere in nature, bike commuting, experimenting in the kitchen, or at the local farmers market. 

Jessica Edwards

Jess is the founder of Jessica Edwards Coaching and lives in Chicago, where she works with individuals to live the large, luscious lives they were born to lead. Her background in advertising, communications, leadership and organizational development fueled her passion to live big within the corporate world. Today, she is laser focused on helping her corporate go-getters explore the full range of possibilities in their careers and busting the roadblocks that too often get in the way. When Jess isn't working with clients, you'll likely find her running on the Lake Path, biking at Fly Wheel, or escaping to Traverse City, MI.

SarahYoung93 (1).jpg

The Alchemy of Jess and Sarah 

Combined, Jess and Sarah bring 25 years of experience working with leaders and teams in the corporate setting. They met in 2013 while pursuing their coaching certification through The Coaches Training Institute and instantly connected over their shared backgrounds in organizational and leadership development, their love of coaching, and their passion for combining the two. As their conversations continued, so did the serendipity; they discovered shared desires that were rooted in similar values, visions, and beliefs, and eerily similar tastes on way too many levels to count. They realized that their corporate backgrounds had stirred up something similar within each of them - a longing to create a bigger conversation about showing up for work as all of who we are.... as women, as leaders, as humans. They are thrilled to leverage their backgrounds and zones of genius in offering this transformational program, and can't wait to meet you at the event.  

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